Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Why Hello There…

First of all, this is my very first blog and I’m not generally good at these kinds of things but hey ho, I thought why not just give it a try.

So, I was first introduced to the world of blogging by one of my very best friends @MalikaChady (So if you’re ever in need of any beauty tips, be sure to check her out). But she basically inspired me, and really sparked my interest. But I’m not really one of those girly girls whose into fashion and make up and my life really isn’t that interesting but I do live a life, eat and cook a lot of food (more eating LOL) and do the occasional bit of travelling.

But I suffer quite badly from depression – details I won’t bore you with and kinda just decided rather than always festering at home, why not start a blog too. So here I am!! *waves*

I don't really have a specific theme for my blog just yet but it'll be posting some lifestyle stuff, travel stuff, food stuff, perhaps the occasional fitness post and whatever else takes my fancy, but lets just see what happens.

 I hope you get some enjoyment out of my weird and random posts & I appreciate any comments and feedback you may have

Just smile
AK x